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安全 and Risk Management


The 威尼斯人博彩 District’s Office of 安全 and Risk Management falls under the leadership of the 威尼斯人博彩 District 警察 Department - and in support of - 威尼斯人博彩 District’s mission of providing quality, comprehensive education, and empowering students to achieve excellence in their educational careers and personal goals. The Office of 安全 and Risk Management seeks to develop and implement effective solutions through the Unified 校园安全 Program (UCSP), which promotes healthy and safe operations on all 威尼斯人博彩 District campuses; protects students, 教师, 工作人员, and visitors; promotes an "attitude and culture of 安全", meets and exceeds regulatory compliance standards; and efficiently manages foreseeable hazards and risk.


The 威尼斯人博彩 District’s Unified 校园安全 Program (UCSP) is a singular institutional 安全 and risk management initiative designed to provide centralized administrative oversight to a wide variety of 安全 related 流程, 程序, and controls across multiple district 部门 and several independent locations. The goals of the UCSP are accomplished by:

  • Facilitating the Risk Management Process, which includes identifying and categorizing risk and hazards, analyzing and assessing the impact of the risk, evaluating the identified risk in terms of “priority” and “acceptability,” treatment of the risk, and actively monitoring and reviewing of the chosen course of action.
  • Providing quality 安全 education and training to 威尼斯人博彩 District students, 教师, 工作人员, and the community in a professional and responsive manner.
  • Identifying opportunities to continuously improve 威尼斯人博彩 District campus and residential hall 安全 while promoting an "attitude and culture of 安全."
  • Developing policies, 程序, 流程, and action plans that specifically address 安全, environmental compliance, and emergency response.
  • Always seeking to understand and respond to the specific needs and priorities of the 威尼斯人博彩 District community.
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